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Desert Safari Dubai

While in Dubai, you can go on a Desert Safari to experience this enchanted place. You can go on a short trip that includes sandboarding, quad biking, and a light brunch. Or, you can book a seven-hour tour, which includes a camel ride, dune bashing, and sandboarding. Whichever way you choose, it will definitely be an experience you’ll never forget! Al Jazeer provides the best desert safari Dubai deals.

There are numerous options for desert activities, but you will want to wear closed shoes. Flip-flops feel uncomfortable in the sand, and they can easily get lost on the camel ride. You can also pack a shawl if your tour doesn’t include one. I loved the camel rides! They were the highlight of my trip! Make sure to bring plenty of water as well as sunscreen and sunglasses. If your hotel does not provide a shawl, make sure you pack one!

If you have more time, consider booking an evening desert safari. Evening safaris include a full barbecue dinner and cultural experiences, such as falconry shows. You can also opt to take part in belly dance or fire show. If you’d like a more intimate experience, you can purchase a dinner-included package. The evening safari offers a cultural show and the chance to see a traditional Emirati show.

While on the safari, you can also choose to take professional photos and a video of your experience. The video combines photos and videos taken from drones and personal shots of the wildlife in the desert. You can even see impressions of the Bedouin camp and the ambiance that it provides. The desert safari is environmentally friendly, and it emphasizes an ethical approach to animal welfare. Camels and falcons are only taken for a few hours on each tour each evening.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

For the ultimate nighttime experience in Dubai, try our evening desert safari Dubai deals with a BBQ dinner. The evening experience includes a dune-bashing experience, a camel ride in the desert, unlimited shisha and soft drinks, a belly-bashing session, and henna painting for the ladies. If you want to experience the desert with more adventure, book yourself a private desert camp for a day or a night and you’ll be amazed by the city at night.

This evening desert safari includes camel riding and an Arabic welcome. There will also be a belly dance performance. The evening safari consists of an international buffet dinner and entertainment, including a belly-dancing show. The adventure can be booked from any hotel in Dubai. You should book a private vehicle if you have children. Otherwise, they’ll need to be accompanied by an adult. A belly-dancing show is another highlight of the evening desert safari, and you’ll probably want to stay in this desert camp for the night.

The evening desert safari Dubai deals starts around 3 PM. After sunset, you’ll experience dune-bashing, quad biking, and other thrilling activities. You’ll get to witness the amazing desert sunset while you’re on the tour. You can also take photos wearing an authentic Arab outfit. The trip also features refreshments, including Arabic espresso and dates. It’s a great way to spend a night in Dubai. For a memorable night, book a luxury evening desert safari in Dubai.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

If you don’t have enough time to go on the famous evening desert safari, then you might want to consider the all-inclusive morning desert safari in Dubai. This unique excursion includes everything from sunrise over the sand dunes to breathtaking photography opportunities. What’s more, this excursion also includes entertainment that’s hard to beat. Read on to learn more about the Morning Desert Safari in Dubai. It is sure to be an unforgettable experience for both adults and children.

An early morning desert safari in Dubai will allow you to avoid the rush of the city. The early morning hours are perfect for photographing the golden hues and cool breeze that fill the air. A morning desert safari in Dubai provides a thrilling experience, as it is a world away from the multi-story building capsules that are so common in the city. The sweeping views of the golden sand and the blazing sunrise are all worth a trip to Dubai.

A morning desert safari in Dubai provides the perfect opportunity to witness wildlife and get close to nature. The desert is a vast expanse that is unlike anywhere else in the world, and a 4×4 safari will take you right into the heart of the wild. In addition to taking photos, you’ll be able to enjoy quad biking or sand skiing. If you’d like to add more excitement to your morning desert safari, you can even include a photo shoot in the desert!