Hot Air Balloon Dubai

Hot Air Balloon Dubai

If you want to enjoy the sky-high views of the vast desert of Dubai, you must experience a hot air balloon Dubai ride. This experience allows you to enjoy the desert’s vast sand dunes, oases, camels, mountains, and other natural beauty. Here are some tips for a memorable flight. Read on to learn more. – Do you like adventure? Then you may also want to take a Camel Ride or try Falconry.

Premium Flight

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience in Dubai, you can book a Premium Flight in Hot Air Balloon. This adventure is available for individuals and groups and is available for children as young as five years of age. The company is also licensed by the General Civil Aviation Department to conduct flights. The experience is one of a kind and is sure to leave you with an unforgettable memory. There are several benefits that you will enjoy during your flight.

Upon your arrival at the ground facility, you will be served Arabic coffee before the flight. You’ll also be accommodated on comfortable cushions. The early morning hours are when gentle lights paint the Arabian sky. As you enjoy the scenic flight, you can watch a complimentary drone show. After landing, you’ll be welcomed back with refreshments. For the most memorable experience, book your Premium Flight in Hot Air Balloon Dubai today!

Camel Ride

A Camel Ride on a hot air balloon Dubai tour is an unforgettable way to experience the desert. While most balloon rides are not nearly as exciting, this one includes a camel ride, breakfast at a Bedouin camp, and a photo shoot with falcons. There are a few different ways to enjoy a camel ride, but this one is truly spectacular! Here are some tips to ensure that your camel ride goes as smoothly as possible.


When you visit Dubai, it’s not enough to simply enjoy the city’s incredible skyline. A trip in a hot air balloon provides an opportunity to see the city from a whole new perspective. Experience the unique view of the desert from the air with a falconry demonstration! You can even take a ride in a 1950s vintage land rover. It’s a fantastic experience, and you’ll learn a lot about falcons and their natural habitat.

Dune Bashing & Quad Bike

To get the full desert experience, take the Hot Air Balloon ride. Then, enjoy the optional quad biking and camel riding. There is even dinner by the campfire at the end of the excursion. You’ll also enjoy a spectacular fire show to end your experience. You can also choose to spend the night in a desert camp, which includes a delicious BBQ dinner.

A dune bashing tour in Dubai can last from two to seven hours. The shorter ones are designed to let you focus on the dune-bashing portion of the tour while the longer ones include other activities. Some tours are more exclusive than others, but both provide a thrilling experience. Choose a tour that is perfect for your schedule and budget.