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Private Morning Desert Safari With Land Cruiser 4X4

Desert Tour Dubai:

Exploring the Unseen Dubai: A Journey into the Heart of the Desert

Dubai, a city known for its towering skyscrapers and bustling city life, also offers a gateway to the serene and untamed beauty of the Arabian desert. For those yearning for adventure and a glimpse into the region’s natural wonders, a Desert Tour in Dubai presents an opportunity to experience the desert’s allure firsthand. This guide delves into the essence of such a tour, highlighting unique experiences that await.

Embracing the Desert Dawn

The adventure begins with the early morning’s tranquility, challenging though it may be to greet the dawn. The reward, however, is unparalleled – a sunrise over the desert that paints the sky in hues of gold and amber. Witnessing the sun emerge from the horizon, illuminating the vast sea of sand dunes, is a moment of pure enchantment, setting the tone for the day’s explorations.

The Thrill of Dune Bashing

A core element of the desert safari is dune bashing, a thrilling ride that tests the limits of both the vehicle and the passenger’s courage. Expert drivers navigate the sand dunes with skill and precision, offering an exhilarating experience that combines the thrill of a roller coaster with the beauty of the desert landscape.

Sandboarding: The Desert’s Answer to Snowboarding

Following the excitement of dune bashing, visitors have the chance to try sandboarding, an innovative sport that adapts snowboarding’s principles to the desert environment. Gliding down sand dunes, participants experience a unique sense of freedom and adventure, further connecting with the desert’s dynamic landscape.

Discovering Desert Life

The safari also serves as a portal to the diverse ecosystem of the desert, home to species that have adapted to its harsh conditions. From observing the majestic camels to spotting the elusive desert foxes, the tour offers insights into the resilience of desert flora and fauna, enhancing appreciation for this unique ecosystem.

Culinary Delights Amidst the Dunes

Concluding the adventure is a traditional Arabic breakfast, a cultural experience in itself. Savoring dates, freshly brewed coffee, and other regional specialties, guests reflect on their journey in the serene ambiance of the desert morning. This meal not only satisfies the appetite but also deepens the connection to Arabic traditions and hospitality.

A Journey Worth Embarking On

The Private Morning Desert Safari in Dubai is not just an excursion but a comprehensive experience that combines adventure, cultural immersion, and natural beauty. It offers a different perspective of Dubai, away from the glamour of the city, and into the heart of its natural heritage. This adventure promises not just memories but insights into a way of life that thrives on the fringes of the urban landscape. It’s an invitation to explore, learn, and be moved by the desert’s timeless allure.

Embarking on this journey offers a deeper understanding of Dubai’s identity, bridging the gap between its modern achievements and its traditional roots. It’s a testament to the city’s ability to preserve its heritage while embracing the future, making it a must-do activity for those seeking to experience the full spectrum of what Dubai has to offer.



  • Private Pick & Dropoff
  • Private Landcruiser 4×4
  • Upto 6 People in Each Car
  • 25 to 30 Min Dune Bashing at Red Dunes Desert
  • Sand Boarding
  • Camel Riding
  • Soft Drinks, Cold Water
  • See Beautiful Sun Rising Scene
  • Drive back Dubai & drop off your location



What is a Private Morning Desert Safari?

A Private Morning Desert Safari is an exclusive tour that takes you on an adventure through the Arabian Desert in a Land Cruiser 4X4. This personalized experience is designed for those seeking an intimate encounter with the desert’s natural beauty, offering a thrilling ride over sand dunes, opportunities for wildlife spotting, and a chance to try desert activities like sandboarding.

Why choose a Land Cruiser 4X4 for the safari?

The Toyota Land Cruiser 4X4 is renowned for its robust performance and superior comfort, making it the vehicle of choice for navigating the challenging desert terrain. Its powerful engine and advanced suspension system ensure a safe and exhilarating dune bashing experience, while its spacious interior provides a comfortable ride.

What can I expect during the safari?

Your adventure begins with an early morning pickup from your accommodation, ensuring you catch the desert at its most serene during sunrise. The safari includes a thrilling dune bashing session, a chance to try sandboarding, and opportunities for photo stops to capture the desert’s beauty. You’ll also learn about the desert ecosystem from your knowledgeable guide.

Is the Private Morning Desert Safari suitable for families with children?

Yes, the Private Morning Desert Safari is suitable for families with children. However, it’s recommended to consult with the tour operator regarding the suitability of dune bashing for very young children or individuals with certain health conditions.

What should I wear and bring to the safari?

Comfortable, light clothing and closed shoes are recommended for the safari. It’s also advisable to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat to protect against the sun. Don’t forget your camera for capturing the stunning desert landscapes.

Are there any health or age restrictions for participants?

Participants should be in good physical health to enjoy all aspects of the safari. Dune bashing is not recommended for pregnant women, individuals with back problems, or those with heart conditions. Age restrictions for activities like sandboarding may apply, so it’s best to inquire with your tour operator.

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Private Morning Desert Safari With Land Cruiser 4X4
From AED799
/ Person


  • Camel Riding
  • Dune Bashing
  • Sandboarding
  • Sunset Views
  • Transportation
  • Photography
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